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This is a moderated Groups.io Group that replaces the former DC-TheaterTech Yahoo! Group. 

Anyone can join, but all postings have to be approved by the moderator. 

The main focus of this group is that of a theatrical jobs board. Employers are welcome to post theatre tech, stage management and design related jobs. All job listings are required to list the salary, fee, or hourly rate for each position. A range, such as "$20.00/ hour to $25.00/ hour depending on experience" is acceptable, but the posting must list dollar amounts. Under no circumstances will messages seeking volunteer labor be approved.

Postings that would violate Employment Discrimination, Occupational Safety and Health, or other Federal regulations, will not be approved.

If you are posting a job listing, please start the email subject with 'JOB LISTING:' followed by the job type or title.

Crew and designers can send an occasional email when looking for additional work. Under no circumstances will messages offering to work for free be approved. 

Advertising a particular show or your work in a show is prohibited. If you want to let people know that your show is opening or post acting auditions, there are other groups better suited for that.

We have opened this up to include a little bit of a tech marketplace as well. If you are looking for help finding a specific prop or want to donate your old equipment to a theater, you can do that here, too.

This group was established in an effort to distribute technical theater job listings for the Washington, DC metropolitan area in a more efficient manner.

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